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What is a Sensi Predict?


Sensi Predict smart HVAC is a remote monitoring system that alerts customers of HVAC issues and protects your comfort. Custom sensors collect and analyze never-before-seen HVAC data. That way, you can prevent breakdowns, extend the life of your system, and save time and money.

How it Works

1. Custom Sensor Technology

10 sensors are professionally installed on your furnace and air conditioner.

2. Proactive HVAC Analysis

Smart sensors stream and analyze the status of your system, providing detailed monthly performance checks with results issued to you and your contractor. If a warning is detected an alert will be sent in real time.

3. Home Owner Portal

4. Real Time Alerts

24/7 monitoring is summarized in a personalized homeowner portal and monthly performance reports that include: any alerts, loss of performance, runtime, and estimated cost and filter status.

Actionable alerts tell you when a problem is detected. Sensi will immediately send you an email with a straightforward explanation and recommended action.

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