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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioning

For Cooling system installation and replacement in Lander, you want to trust that you’re investing in high-quality products and skilled workmanship.

Sweetwater Aire combines over fifty years of industry experience. We deliver energy-conscious options for your comfort and to keep monthly bills low, reliable equipment to minimize cost of ownership, and precise Cooling installation to maximize return for your investment. Our qualified team matches the right Cooling system to the exact requirements of your home, and we handle every project with unwavering professionalism.

hvac tech working on air conditioner
Signs you May Need a New Air Conditioner:
  • Your system is blowing warm air.

  • Your air conditioner won't turn on or only runs for short periods of times.

  • Little air blows out of the vents.

  • It sounds like a rocket ship is taking off when it turns on.

  • Your house feels humid.

  • Consistent need for repairs.

  • Freon or water leaks around the air conditioner.

  • Your bills are rising quickly.

  • Your air conditioner is over 10 years old.

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