Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home can add to or detract greatly from your comfort and health.  But your comfort isn’t solely based on temperature. It also relies on good ventilation and balanced humidity.  The professionals at Sweetwater Aire can help you with all of these factors by providing you with excellent services that include repair, installation, maintenance and replacement of the indoor air quality products in your home or business.

Programmable Thermostats Can Save You Money

These small devices are crucial for proper heating and cooling throughout a home, and a defective unit can lead to energy waste and possibly a comfort system that won’t operate at all.

Upgrading from an old manual thermostat to one of the newer models can make a significant difference in your comfort and your annual energy bills. The technology of thermostats is advancing so fast that you have a wide range of options. You might consider digital, wireless or smart thermostats. If you need to have an ailing thermostat fixed, or you are ready to upgrade to a superior model, you only need to give us a call and we’ll take care of everything.

Air Filtration Systems

The most common type of indoor air quality installation is the air filter, which traps fibers as the air moves through it. There are many types and efficiencies of air filters, each filter has a rating of its effectiveness, known as MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value).

The higher the MERV rating, the smaller particles the filter affects. If the filter is too thick, it will cut off the air flow and damage the HVAC system. If the filter is properly matched to the HVAC system and installed correctly, it will allow the air from the furnace and air conditioner to continue to flow freely as the pollutants are removed.

Figuring out the right filters can be tricky and that is what the team at Sweetwater Aire is for. Once we have installed the right air filtration system, we will be available should you need maintenance or repairs for the filters. Make us your choice for clean air in your home.

Humidifiers Solve Many Common Problems

Humidifiers do the important job of maintaining the proper humidity levels in your home, to help keep your family healthy and comfortable.

Humidity levels that are too low can lead to cracked and bleeding skin, dry nose, sore throats and aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms. Many viruses thrive in low humidity levels, increasing the likelihood of catching colds, flu and other respiratory ailments. Proper humidity will also help protect your home’s furnishings. Wood floors, furniture, trim, and doors are less likely to crack or split if your air has enough humidity. Plus, gaps in your wood floors will appear less prominent. Humidity levels in your home or business that are too high can be harmful to your health and promote the growth of mold and mildew.

Whole-house humidifiers are a great solution because they work automatically. You simply set the humidity level you desire and the system does the rest. Whole-house humidifiers are installed directly into the ductwork for your furnace and air conditioning system. Humidity is distributed into your home’s air in the form of water vapor and then sent through your heating and cooling system’s ductwork to ensure your entire home has the right humidity level.

Zone Controls Systems Give You More Control

These systems divide up a home into different “zones” that have separate controls for your comfort. You can heat or cool each room to fit its specific purpose. This means that you don’t have to spend money to heat or cool a room that may not be being used, and you can put the power of comfort into the hands of each person.

Zone controls can be done as part of a new heating and cooling system installation, or we can retrofit your existing system.


If you’re looking for a heating and cooling company in Lander to help with your indoor air quality, look no further than Sweetwater Aire. Give us a call at (307) 332-4300.